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Interrobang The Blog of the Boat Club Quiz Club, Pune. Thursday, October 11, 2012. The xkcd round upset the entire balance of proceedings. 10 questions each with 10 points based on xkcd alone is way too heavy and it creates an uneven playing field Interrobang ‽ 4. Reply. Share. Report /r/xkcd is the subreddit for the popular webcomic xkcd by Randall Munroe. Come to discuss the comics and other work by Randall with other fans. 140k. Members. 105. Online. Created Jan 25, 2008. Join. help Reddit App Reddit coins Reddit premium Reddit gifts

Licenseplate has done it again! Now there's a gorgeous poster to capture the essence and theory behind Cuil. You can get it here (bonus: it, and all of the other posters - reddit and xkcd - are on sale for a limited time) I noticed there was no thread for xkcd, and it's the only other webcomic I read. Anyone want to talk about it xkcd. The blag of the webcomic Footomobiles. Posted by Randall 2007-09-05 197 Comments on Footomobiles. I was recently reading through newspapers from around 1898 to 1901. In a collection of articles from midwestern papers predicting what life would be like in the year 2000, I found this cartoon

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I read that XKCD just now (getting caught up on 'toons after the Memorial Day weekend) and immediately came over here. :-D. By Interrobang (not verified) on 28 May 2013 #permalin XKCD makes me twitch Online resources / February 25, 2010 February 25, 2010 / By Sherwin Arnott / 1 minute of reading It's amazing how much you can express with stickman comics 11.3k members in the asozialesnetzwerk community. Das Asoziale Netzwerk. Man liebt es, oder man hasst es. Oder man findet es mittelmäßig. Es gibt Published by Interrobang Staff at July 13, 2012. Share This Post. Bob Geldof once asked us, Where is the filtered excellence!? It's right here

Interrobang The Blog of the Boat Club Quiz Club, Pune. Thursday, April 03, 2008. Abhimanyu 2008 2008 - Abhishek Nagaraj - XKCD Comics (I don't quite remember if the event did not happpen in 2004 - it probably was related to that bad day Chakravyuuh had that year Shortcut: Ctrl+Shift+/ writes an interrobang character. Toolbar button displays window of characters to choose The interrobang is generally less convenient and less comprehensible than the ?! it aims to replace, so I'd class it as a failed attempt to create new punctuation. Another example I encountered recently is the use of square brackets instead of normal parentheses to get around the problem of ending a parenthetical comment with a smiley

Probably trigger a refill if remaining value count is less than &config("var_limit"). Things like this wouldn't happen then. Kaede: dgw: That was. Quotation Marks and Punctuation Meet. What Happens Next? English: For reasons unknown to logic, common sense and sanity, the rules are inconsistent. Commas and periods go inside quotation marks, even if they do not belong in the quote

Interröbang Cartel. 58 likes · 1 talking about this. Usenet's greatest band. See also.. Use of an interrobang may be considered somewhat redundant, considering the same effect is captured in standard English by ending a sentence with both an exclamation point and a question mark, the order of which is determined by whether it is more rhetorical/excited or more interrogative Except as otherwise noted, the opinions expressed herein are my own and this work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution - NonCommercial - ShareAlike 2.5 License Latest posts: Blog on Sherwin Arnott Advertisements push our buttons and our boundaries. Ad copy that once might have been rejected for being too risky or or On the Discovery of the Fifth Moon of Jupiter Then felt I like some watcher of the skies When a new planet swims into his ken —Keats ~~~ The best thing that we're put here for's to see; The strongest thing that's given us to see with's A telescope. Someone in every town Seems to m

Interrobang graphic design florals stars colors palette. HEX colors #aa8144, #e4bc8c, #69272a, #a9886b, #d0b79c, #32434c. Brand original color codes, colors palette Want to know the HTML character entity for, say, the interrobang? (‽) Today's XKCD (search xkcd) Cheat sheets for Kerbal Space Program, Minecraft, League of Legends, etc. Bangs. Perform special operations by putting the appropriate !-sequence at the beginning of your search Interrobang?! General quiz prelims by IIM Indore quiz club Inhouse Quiz held in August 2011 Abhishek Upadhya Follow 13. What does this xkcd comic strip talk about? Or ,Fill in the blanks 42. Answers Follow 43. 13. Roadrunner. 44. 14. I am taking the Memorial Day holiday off. I will return tomorrow. In the meantime, here's a general principle that needs to be remembered in cancer research: I would also add to that list: So does bleach. So does acid. So does alkali. So does pouring the media out of the dish and letting the [ I lettori di questo blog hanno già incontrato qualche mio articolo che affronta le figure retoriche e, in generale, gli strumenti e le ricette con cui dare un particolare effetto a una frase, un significato, un discorso: Elenco di figure retoriche Propaganda e retorica di guerra L'utilizzo delle figure retoriche negli slogan e nella pubblicità [

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  1. XKCD #1209: Encoding. news @-symbol, interrobang Leave a comment The Shady Characters book, revealed (again)! The UK hardcover edition of Shady Characters, as designed by Matthew Young. May 6, 2013. Ladies and gentlemen: having revealed the US cover last month, it's now the turn of the UK edition
  2. Interrobang Interrobang. 15.6k 3 3 gold badges 50 50 silver badges 61 61 bronze badges. Add a comment | 1. If you are using PHP, first make the pageid available to JavaScript xkcd 2385 KoTH (Final Exam) How is it possible for boss to know I am finding a job?.
  3. Interrobang your wall with this new Cuil Theory poster. Posted by alexis [kn0thing] at (bonus: it, and all of the other posters - reddit and xkcd - are on sale for a limited time). discuss this post on reddit. Newer Post Older Post Home. the reddit blog. Keep up with the latest development updates, community announcements, and.
  4. Published by Interrobang Staff at May 25, 2015 Share This Post This year, we forgot to put together our new Summer Reading List in time for memorial day, but we've got something much.
  5. Interrobang?! You guys are ridiculous. You see, this is why print media is going down the toilet, because of shameless puns on any and every story. Either help newspapers sell more ad space and/or increase circulation numbers. Third rate word jokes at the top of what was an interesting story just won't cut it
  6. Interrobang The Blog of the Boat Club Quiz Club, Pune. Friday, October 26, 2012. Bhasant! Bhisol Kahaan Hai? (BCQC October Open Quiz) - Report. Date: 21st Oct 2012 Conducted by: Aditya Gadre Attended by ~10 team
  7. My name is Bobby. I write about random things a lot. I write a lot about random things. I write occasionally for Smashing Magazine and the London Community News online, and weekly for Interrobang, the student voice newspaper at Fanshawe College in London, Ontario. I've also been published by the Canadian University Press

Kreative Software Private Use Area Assignments. This page documents Kreative Software's use of the Unicode Private Use Area by its various software programs, fonts, and poorly-conceived text encodings. U+F700 - U+F7F Every Scriptnotes shirt is available on-demand from Cotton Bureau. 14 designs and counting. All-time listener favorites include Scriptnotes Midnight Blue, Three-Act Structure and the Scriptnotes Tour Shirt.. These high-quality tees are super soft and available in all sizes, including children's and hoodies Welcome to the last Thirsty Thursday update of 2012! Wow. My finger's going to have to get used to moving all the way over to the 3. 2013. No sir, I don't like it. Assuming a plow has come somewhere near your street (on a completely unrelated note thanks to my neighbor for helping get... Read more

Interrobang: The Greatest Punctuation Mark Ever [via digg] (? + !) = Interrobang. ‽Lex Posted by Lex Lachica at 12:05 AM No comments:. So I was sitting here, feeling exactly zero positive things - this is how much I am not a morning person, and I was glumly pulling out the hat stuff, and casting on, and then I had to rip it out because apparently I can't to a lick of math before at least 8am, and this lady walks by, and she says Are you KNITTING?! (You could actually hear the interrobang, if you're wondering.

ELIZA: 99pi episode about Joseph Weizenbaum's invention Getting Things Done: Why time management is ruining our lives Barbecue: The 84 Year Old BBQ Legend of Texas Shine on me you crazy diamond: Understanding Pink Floyd's Wish You Were Here Veitch: James Veitch's Elaborate Wrong Number Pran

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First of all, if noone is aware of the web comic, check it out here: http://xkcd.com/ It has been my favourite webcomic for several years running no Chris Booth, Jason Black, Penny Speckter and others wrote in to mention the interrobang's guest appearance within the hallowed pages of Randall Monroe's consistently excellent webcomic xkcd.I'll let Randall's strip do the talking This shirt could probably be a business expense (from xkcd) For me, NAH was the way in. If the Goddesses are someone else's, excellent! Being involved in the goddesses, or really any group, kind of automatically makes you a member of the community, Jeannie noted. Interrobang IPA - American.

Fig. 1: Theodosius Arriving at Ephesus, stained glass, 1200-1204, 25 x 28¼ inches, Cloisters Museum (1980.263.4) Bring back the interrobang! Why did they ever get rid of such a useful punctuation mark‽ Posted by Richard Edwards at 05:13. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. (Source: xkcd) Leave a comment Git Commit 8 Simple Ways to Improve your Typography in CSS. November 26, 2013 Although I think this article from Aisle One should really be using em measurements as opposed to px, it's still of interest. Leave a comment How do I use an Interrobang.

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Was geht euch gerade durch den Kopf? (Seite 6450) - AllmysterySo I’m an example now?

Interrobang (10) punctuation typography language interrobang reference wikipedia english writing design fonts interesting words wiki cool grammar text funny character fun culture research type languages amusing unicode productivity puncuation neologism interrobang! log Nee nee, hierboven gaat niets mis. Dit is de interrobang, uitgevonden voor een reclameman, opgenomen in het woordenboek, maar nooit echt ingeburgerd geraakt.. Ik heb ontdekt hoe je hem typt Heb je enig idee hoe vaak ik dit de komende tijd ga gebruiken‽ De aflevering van 99% Invisible over de interrobang eindigt ook nog eens met een kleine geschiedenis van de (Twitter-)hashtag interrobang wrote: » the official blue post response is that if the servers are listed as busy they're listed as busy for a reason and they don't want people working around it to log in Well then perhaps they could do something like remove those methods entirely instead of hiding the new code in the main.js as a series of java key codes This code list is modified from Ed Lazor's website (www.edlazorvfx.com) and the credit should go to him for such a fantastic list. I just added my favourite punctuation, the interrobang!According to Ed: These symbols should display in files using charsets ISO 8859-1 or UTF-8

One more problem with this rule-creating needs to be settled: what happens if there are or more largests? Then our job is actually very easy. Decrease each of those largests by the same amount (one cool thing about the system thing is that an system has all all the rules of an system for - the reader should be able to show this) until all the largests have the same value as the second-largest I know I've been ragging on The Huffington Post a lot lately. Trust me, I take no great pleasure in doing so. Indeed, more than anything else, it's been a major frustration for me. It's bad enough that HuffPo has been a hotbed of anti-vaccine propaganda and pseudoscience ever since its very inception, continuing through [ 12-ago-2013 - Delux Multimedia descrubrió este Pin. Descubre (y guarda) tus propios Pines en Pinterest The Interrobang is the latest piece of punctuation to enter the English dictionary and also the hottest literary festival this side of the Welsh border (before we go any further, pub quiz aficionados might like to know that an interrobang denotes a rhetorical question, or a combination of a question mark and an exclamation mark, or !?

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  1. Interrobang (5) punctuation typography language interrobang reference wikipedia english writing design fonts interesting words wiki cool grammar text funny character fun culture research type languages amusing unicode productivity puncuation neologism interrobang! log
  2. Ver más de Again with Dragons en Facebook. Iniciar sesión.
  3. Yeah, I've known lots of people who do that to make it easier to see their monitors — less glare; higher contrast. I'm not sure it's ideal in regard to eye strain, and I prefer to be able to read the paper documents that typically clutter my desk, but I don't consider a preference for that level of subdued lighting to be at all weird

Apr 18, 2012 - Explore Martin Pelletier's board Webcomics on Pinterest. See more ideas about webcomic, comics, penny arcade Just your average Canadian fox-raccoon hybrid!. . CanadianFurs. OntarioFurs. WindsorFurs. NativeAmericanFurs. IrishFurs. antifafurs. rac. Miracle drugs save lives and ease suffering, but for profit-motivated companies, the miracle is the money they generateat any cost. Billions of dollars in profits will make men and women do many things-lie, cheat, even kill. now one beautiful woman will be caught in the cross fire between ethics and profits

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  1. See what Martin Pelletier (martinpelletier) has discovered on Pinterest, the world's biggest collection of ideas
  2. Within Temptation - Amazing band. Sharon's voice is just beautiful. Hawkeye. The Dresden Files - I saw it mentioned on this site numerous times and finally picked up the first book. Have been constantly reading them ever since. Mass Effect - I had heard good things about it from friends, but once I read the Main Page for it, I knew I needed to play it; HG 131 I've discovered a lot of things.
  3. https://flic.kr/p/2jHh2fw With no Saints to honor, today is National Punctuation Day. We note that it was on this date in 2005 that Hurricane Rita (known as Hurricane Katrina's Evil Little Sister) made its landfall between Sabine Pass, Texas, and Johnsons Bayou, Louisiana, as a Category 3 hurricane. National Punctuation Day is a celebration of punctuation tha

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  1. Including fan favourites like: the interrobang ‽ multiocular o ꙮ the old school b&w snowman, I think this xkcd comic is probably exploiting the Gricean maxim of quantity: Make your contribution as informative as is required (for the current purposes of the exchange)
  2. The above xkcd comic expresses a common sentiment. Adults sometimes look back at things they learned (and forgot) in school that they have never had to use since graduation. The website INTERRoBANG has just made these skills easier to teach and intriguing to students
  3. I am sure that every conlanger who can program eventually develops their own SCA, as per the xkcd. I know of at least 6 SCAs off the top of my head, and there's probably many more which I don't know.
  4. The XKCD quote was a pretty good indication of the author's intent. I like it and will be using it in place of comic sans for all my inter office punnery. As much as I like graphic designers, the ability to give them an occasional seizure is hard to pass up
  5. Interrobang June 1, 2012 at 11:14 am I'm pretty sure if I found a thumb drive somewhere, and I was really curious to see what was on it, I'd make sure I plugged it in to a non-networked system with as much locked down as possible, but I'm paranoid like that
  6. Can we collectively agree to stop using mouth breather as an insult? It's not civil, and it doesn't contribute to a discussion. I can't be the only one with a deviated septum on here who cringes everytime a poster uses it as a synonym for ignorant

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(In case you don't know what a Freudian Trio is, TvTropes explains it beautifully. I was bored the other night, so I took to writing in my journal.I have discovered that if I am given some characters that I can really visualize and a setting, I can watch them run around and interact in my head At MIT Admissions, we recruit and enroll a talented and diverse class of undergraduates who will learn to use science, technology, and other areas of scholarship to serve the nation and the world in the 21st century xkcd Web Series CrashCourse Yogscast Lore In One Minute VlogBrothers YogsLab Game Theory Table Top The Way Games Work Vsauce Mind Blow Minute Physics AsapSCIENCE Interrobang Moon mod and Tekkit mod for Minecraft Marshmallows Fahrenheit, Celsius & Kelvin Rube Goldberg Machines Acronyms and Initialisms The Scoville Scal I too had this dream about college. Each panel of the cartoon was correct. I had a sudden test I didn't know about. Then thinking I must have been skipping the class all year long Sneha Lakshmi Roy aka SLR is a final year Civil engineering student at BIT Mesra.A Harry Potter monomaniac she is also a prolific writer ,guilty of quill-ing many gripping quiz reviews ,countless love-sonnets and enigmatic FB stauses which only the elite few decipher

[via wikiHow] Interesting, and expensive, ways to sort LEGOs. It makes me want to start a collection... *Le The latest Tweets from Jase (@jasewhite). Probably a bo Wapsi Square - SMBC - Real Life - Something Positive - The Devil's Panties - Head Trip - Sure To be Ban'd - Edible Dirt - XKCD - C&H - Ursula Vernon - L.A.W.L.S. - Shortpacked - Hijinks Ensue - The Gun Wire - L.I.C.D. - Looking For Group - G.W.S. - Girl Genius - Questionable Content - Browncoats - The Box O'Truth - Cheaper Than Dirt - The Firearm Blog - The Bullet Trap - Elk Castle - Target.

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Henry Alford, Dean of Canterbury, [ 1810-71] in his A Plea for the Queen's English: Stray Notes on Speaking and Spelling (1881), pp.154-7. (), champions the oft-maligned construction it is me from hordes of peevers192. The mention of the nominative and accusative of the personal pronoun seems not inaptly to introduce a discussion of the well-known and much controverted phrase, It is. At the suggestion ofSabre Justice. By the way,Sabre Justicewould beA Good Name For A Rock Band. Ever since I started needing to know the latin names for animals, I've been obsessed with Corvus Corone, the latin name for the common crow, being a badass name for a goth band. I'm starting a band called Cannibal Food Drive. This troper saw the term Atoms for Peace, a term used by Dwight. Yesterday was Free Ice Cream Day at my place of employment, and for that moment the raging, red flag flying Socialist in me relented and instead my inner human buried under all the crap of adult life enjoyed the impressionistic and subjective experience of Good Humor's classic Strawberry Shortcake

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No, the reason I'm loving the Grammar Girl (aka Mignon Fogarty) is that she has introduced me to the interrobang, pictured at the left. It's almost comforting to know that this (!?) has a real symbol and name Find convention guests of honor with last names starting with the letter M as listed on FanCons.com comments from the peanut gallery. Very good article about the Amazon/Macmillan clash. More on ChatRoulette. On testify: The practice of swearing an oath while touching one's or someone else's testicles was common in the ancient Near East (Abraham also orders a servant to do just that in Genesis 24:2)

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Tuesday - 8 pm - Barmacy - 1714 Merriman Road - Akron OH 44313 You can go to the Barmacy facebook page for the shot-worthy question there. Today's blog quiz is inspired by Mr. Gordon Jump (shown above, right-most in the bottom row) - known from WKRP in Cincinnati, Maytag commercials, and the most very special episode of Diff'rent Strokes. He was on my mind, which wandered to the very idea of. It would most appropriately be used in something like, You did what‽ See, interrobang. The exclamatory skeptic of the punctuation marks. Posted by Emily at 8:17 PM. Labels: grammar, NaBloPoMo, podcasts. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom). Jan 6, 2020 - This Pin was discovered by Jeff Cofer. Discover (and save!) your own Pins on Pinteres

I'm a physics student, but certainly biological sciences have contributed more to the world than the physical sciences. The increased quality of life, life expectancy and eradication of diseases from studying physiology and disease, and food security from studying plant growth and doing things like selective breeding are what helped people in society have the time to develop technology and. astroengine writes After a 35-year, 11-billion mile journey, NASA's Voyager 1 spacecraft left the solar system to become the first human-made object to reach interstellar space, new evidence from a team of scientists shows. 'It's kind of like landing on the moon. It's a milestone in history. Like a.. 3 posts published by Mint during October 2009. Hello blogosphere! I have been having a very busy week (and yet I still find time to write, how blessed you all must be؟) so I am going to preemptively apologize for the poor quality of this post It's fun and pretty easy PZ. If you need to play it for more than an hour without beating it you've taken far too long. It's a great way to look busy in front of your computer if you need to waste some time

posted by interrobang at 3:25 PM 0 Comments. Saturday, September 22, 2007. The Hole in the Wall, Page 25 The Hole in the Wall, Page 25 Originally uploaded by johnralston. posted by interrobang at 6:56 PM 0 Comments. Friday, September 21, 2007. The Hole in. Dances With Masks. 12 comments February 17th, 2007at 02:42pm Posted by Eli. The Edwards fiasco, and Glenn Greenwald's recent echoing of my observation that the Republicans do not appear to be very serious about what they claim to be serious about both highlight something that I'm very frustrated about. What's bugging me is that, with a few exceptions, the Democrats always take everything. A monstrous loss and a mighty interrobang (‽) forever capping his talent. Joining Hemingway, Plath and Van Gogh in the pantheon of geniuses who also created Art to Die For - giving their lives to creating art which inspires meaning in the lives for the rest of us

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