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Only claims for euros will be accepted. Italy-based Bitgrail was hacked in 2018, but not before there had already been calls for the exchange to shut down over questionable practices. That year, an Italian court sided with the crypto community, shutting down the exchange and confiscating its assets Moreover, they claimed that BitGrail was holding XRB in a different kind of wallet to other coins, which left it vulnerable. In turn, Firano claimed that the Nano network itself was flawed, and if their team was to undergo a hard fork, the money could be recovered. Nano disagreed and said that it would finance the legal expenses of the victims At that time a post on the Bitgrail website claimed that internal checks revealed: unauthorized transactions which led to a 17 million Nano shortfall There could be a few reasons for claims to be rejected, including the balance was zero or less than the claim, and certain claims tied to accounts are missing. BitGrail is an Italian cryptocurrency exchange which is best known for being hacked of $170 million in Nano (formerly Raiblocks) For the submission of Your claims, the procedure set forth in Part I applies, with the following exceptions: (i) there is no need to have a certified e-mail address PEC; (ii) the lodgment to the bankruptcy claim may be made sending an e-mail to the following e-mail address: procedura15@bitgrail.com

Italian Court Invites Bitgrail Creditors to File Refund Claim

Bitgrail Operator Either Involved in Huge Crypto Theft or

Fabian lost $260,000 in the BitGrail hack. According to Law360, the current suit draws heavily on the activities of Nano developers and on a lawsuit that was withdrawn last year. In the other suit, a plaintiff named Alex Brola said he had invested $50,000 into Nano. His investment grew to $237,000 before he lost everything in a breach of BitGrail Bitgrail was one of the main portals for trading the Nano token, previously known as RaiBlocks. The claim made by founder Francesco Firano has been met with serious skepticism though created in part by suspicious moves made by Bitgrail itself. In January the exchange put a halt to all withdrawals and deposits of Nano, Lisk, and Crytpoforecast tokens Upon learning that BitGrail was insolvent on February 8, 2018, we immediately launched a wide-ranging investigation into what happened and how we as an organization of programmers could best.

— BitGrail Exchange (@BitGrail) February 8, 2018 In both the private chat and public statement, Firano/Bitgrail claims that the funds were stolen in a hack. At press time, this has not been confirmed, and what's more, the community is not convinced The bankruptcy proceedings for the Bitgrail seems to be going on well on course as an Italian court today has invited the creditors of the now-defunct exchange to file for their refund claims to get back their trapped assets. The deadline for filing these returns has been set till November On February 18, 2018, Mr. Firano hosted a poll as to whether Bitgrail should reopen or declare bankruptcy. 79% of the more than seven thousand votes cast opted for Bitgrail to declare bankruptcy. Mr Italian cryptocurrency exchange Bitgrail has claimed that it has lost nearly $170 million worth of Nano tokens in a recent hack, according to Engadget. In an announcement on its official website.

Bitgrail claims it was hacked last week of 17 million customers owned Nano Tokens equal on the day to about $195 Million dollars. Bitgrail was one of the main portals for trading the Nano token, previously known as RaiBlocks But most critics claim that this move, alongside other improvements were too little too late, as the exchange allegedly failed to meet security requirements. Bitgrail is implementing KYC policy. Daily limits: level 1 (unverified): 0.5 BTC level 2: 1.5 BTC The check may require up to 24 hours. — BitGrail Exchange (@BitGrail) December 19. BitGrail Cryptocurrency Exchange Claims $195 Million Lost to Hackers. By. David Z. Morris. February 11, 2018 12:49 PM PST. An obscure Italian cryptocurrency exchange called BitGrail claims that it..

Click HERE to find out ⭐ NANO and BitGrail Hit by Another Class Action Lawsuit Related to Crypto Theft that Allegedly Saw $153 Million Disappear. | Crowdfund Insider: Global Fintech News. They claim that BitGrail has ceased communication with the Nano team since February 9th. According to their research, it is possible that the theft began sometime in October 2017. Interestingly enough, the post refers to the hack as alleged Last Thursday, BitGrail founder Francesco Firano claims to have discovered that 17 million Nano tokens, then worth roughly $195 million, had been stolen by hackers The claim goes further into alleging that the developers were involved in a civil conspiracy in making false, misleading and reckless statements and intentionally withholding facts from the BitGrail investors in a concerted effort to obtain their funds and cryptocurrency assets BitGrail is also one of the few platforms to have support for an equally obscure cryptocurrency, Nano, previously called RaiBlocks. Last week Francesco Firano, the founder of BitGrail claimed that the exchange lost 17 million Nano tokens due to hackers targeting the platform. At the time of writing, 17 million Nano tokens equal $195 million

BitGrail Liquidators Won't Pay Victims in Cryptocurrenc

  1. It's also possible for obscure exchanges to claim a hack and vanish altogether, though international regulators are seeking to put more accountability in place. The BitGrail hack is the second.
  2. In fact, they later claimed in an official Nano update that at least one of these transactions actually occurred on Oct. 23, 2017. The developers deduced this information from a BitGrail data dump, as the Nano protocol does not have timestamps
  3. Italy-based exchange Bitgrail claims it will refund stolen Nano if users don't pursue legal action. Italy-based cryptocurrency exchange Bitgrail announced that it promises to refund Nano (XRB) tokens stolen in a February hack amounting to $195 mln, so long as users sign an agreement to forgo any legal action, Bitgrail announced March 14.. In a press release on its website, Bitgrail said that.
  4. Following the loss of XRB Bitgrail has claimed insolvency and is not in operation, whilst unofficial sources claim that the exchange had been insolvent months earlier. The source in question claims to have discovered that the account from which user funds had supposedly been lost funds, (BitGrail Representative 1), had multiple transactions of large even numbers, (e.g. 3000, 5000, 8000 XRB) to.
  5. The bankruptcy court in Florence, Italy has demanded Francesco Firano, the owner of Italian cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail, to quickly repay losses incurred by users during a hack that saw around $170 million worth of Nano (XRB) crypto stolen
  6. Bitgrail has denied responsibility for the recent hack that saw the theft of 17 million XRB, or Nano, in comments made in a Telegram group for victims of the hack. Despite rejecting responsibility for the incident, the exchange states that it will voluntarily refund users through the creation and issuance of BGS tokens

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Bitgrail intends to pay back its users by creating a token, Bitgrail Shares (BGS). The users who were affected by the theft were refunded 20 percent of their lost amont in XRB, with the remaining 80 percent to be covered by BGS. Following the Feb. 8 hack, neither Bitgrail not Nano wanted to claim responsibility for the hack The first time Bitgrail reported this issue, they claimed 15 million [XRB are] missing; the next day 17 million. Now they claim that 20% is remaining, which would be 16 million [XRB] lost. They did announce that there was a recovery plan, and the 20% of Nano remains that does not belong to them The Italian cryptocurrency exchange Bitgrail claims they have lost 17 million XRB through unauthorized transactions. The damage amounts to around $170 million, but even more stunning is the fact that 17 million XRB amounts to almost 13% of all XRB in existence Indeed, they claim that the responsible part is NANO's team. BitGrail Logo. The statement reads as follows: BitGrail Srl intends to stress having been subject to theft, a crime made possible by taking advantage of faults in the team NANO's software (rai_node and the official block explorer). BitGrail Exchange Owner Claims Hack Cost Users $170M Worth of Nano It has become evident that some things are not adding up for the BitGrail exchange. Not too long ago, the company made an unpopular decision to shut down the service for all users outside the EU without much in the way of prior warning

BitGrail was offline at the time. He claimed to be torn between claiming bankruptcy (which would absolve himself of the responsibility to pay the money back), or returning 20 percent of the lost. Bitgrail S.r.l. Informs its users that internal checks revealed unauthorized transactions which led to a 17 million Nano shortfall, an amount forming part of the wallet managed by Bitgrail S.r.l. This repository is here to help recover as much of the funds lost as possible to the users who have lost funds and to help BitGrail customers make an informed decision about what legal steps they. The Nano development team accused BitGrail of having a faulty security system which they claim aided the hackers. When the theft occurred, Nano issued a statement saying that it was distancing itself from the exchange platform. For their own part, BitGrail alleges that the theft of the coins was not due to any fault of theirs BitGrail initially provided a large amount of liquidity to NANO. The suits claim that the defendants have gone to great lengths to erase their involvement with BitGrail operations relating to XRB. They even funded a lawsuit against the exchange. So far, the remaining BitGrail funds are still held by Italian authorities

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  1. Shady cryptocurrency exchange desk BitGrail has vowed to refund users for $195M worth of stolen Nano coins - but not without asking users to sign away their legal rights
  2. According to reports, BitGrail was apparently robbed of approximately $187 million worth of Nano tokens in February. The exchange was one of the main portals for trading the Nano token, previously known as RaiBlocks. The claim of a hack, made by founder Francesco Firano, was met with skepticism
  3. NANO (NANO)-NANO, the cryptocurrency formerly known as Raiblocks XRB, has had one of the more historically bad trajectories of the 2018 bear cycle. While the coin experienced a meteoric rise in valuation to close out 2017, one that saw the price of the coin climb from under a dollar to nearly $36 in the span of a month, the aftermath was equally catastrophic

BitGrail promised a refund for the victims in March. The exchange suggested releasing a newly-minted BitGrail Shares (BGS) token which it claims would cover 80% of the losses and the remaining 20% would be covered in Nano tokens Bitgrail was hacked to the tune of 17 million XRB, which is just over $170 Million USD. As a percentage of total XRB supply, the Bitgrail hack is worse than Mt. Gox. Does this compromise the Nano blockchain, and is it still a good buy The police claimed that the former owner of the crypto exchange which declared bankruptcy last year carried out a series of hacks resulting in losses worth $120 million euros. The alleged fraud was related to a cryptocurrency called Nano created back in 2015 and held by BitGrail and a total of 230,000 people were defrauded. The Police said

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Bitgrail have not accepted responsibility for the breach, claiming that the Nano cryptocurrency was flawed. Nano on the other hand continues to hold its ground , stating: to date, all reliable evidence we have reviewed continues to point to a bug in BitGrail's exchange software as the reason for the loss of funds Italian police have accused the chief of Rome-based cryptocurrency exchange BitGrail of faking a hack that led his company to bankruptcy. The exchange was actually behind the attack which lost €120 million (~$146 million) worth of Nano, police say. Fake Hacks Make Big Bucks Don't judge a hack by its cover. The 34-year-old acronymed suspect was accused of being behind an attack that left. Another day and another exchange hack, or so they state. BitGrail is a dedicated Nano exchange. Nano has been re-branded from RaiBlocks, it is a DAG (Directed acyclic graph) based chain that was the first of its kind. They managed to lose 173M USD worth of coins, which makes this one of the biggest crypto [ BitGrail S.r.l., an Italian cryptocurrency exchange recently reported the loss of 17 million Nano (XRB) tokens. The value was $170 million at the time of the occurrence with the exchange claiming a hack - but, this is deemed as bogus by many believing the exchange has been insolvent for a number of months

Bitgrail/Webcoin Insolvency cas

The complaint notes that, of the over 130 million XRB tokens that were generated, the defendants withheld millions, if not tens of millions for themselves, the bulk of which are owned by LeMahieu. It is asserted that the defendants promoted the use of and assisted customers in getting accounts at the BitGrail exchange, where the XRB/BTC trading pair resulted in over 80 percent of their trading. The case concerning BitGrail, the Italian cryptocurrency exchange that suffered a major hack in 2018, is still ongoing. With creditors still looking to get their funds out, a local judge has roped its chief executive, Francesco Firano, even deeper in the case. Moving Funds Despite Knowing of the Hack The Postal and Communications Police - the cybercrime division of the Italian State Police.

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As BitGrail was one of the few exchanges that had been accepting Nano, the coin is now facing trading volume declines, down from the $50 million reported by the Wall Street Journal on February 10, 2018.. Nano also linked a pdf of a private conversation between Firano and Nano core team members Shapiro and Colin LeMahieu. The chat shows Firano's insistence that the loss of Nano was due to an. Bitgrail hack, another incident that happened in 2018, became the third biggest. The hack, shrouded in controversy and skepticism, cost the exchange about $195 million. About $19 million Nano tokens were stolen from the Italian cryptocurrency exchange The dip followed an announcement from BitGrail claiming that, due to KYC-related legal complications, the company will force non-EU users to shut down their accounts In January, BitGrail's one-man developer team revealed that the site had been hacked, compromising approximately one-fifth of the entire coin supply. Brola, who spent $50,000 on RaiBlocks, claims that he was encouraged by the Foundation's investment solicitations and specific representations to purchase RaiBlocks on BitGrail, which was then the coin's only exchange

The complaint cites various social media posts from Nano to make its case, including tweets from former Nano core team member Zack Shapirowhich intimated he spoke to BitGrail's CEO every day and reassured purchasers that XRB funds are safe on BitGrail In the developing public spat between Francesco 'The Bomber' Firano and the Nano (XRB) development team over the recent BitGrail hack, Firano has fired back, accusing them of libel and asking them to cease making any contact with him. It's estimated the previously little-known exchange lost over $170 million USD worth of Nano (formerly RaiBlocks) tokens

Nano Cryptocurrency Facing Second Class-Action Lawsuit

  1. As such, the Complaint alleges Nano and its core team engaged in an unregistered offering and sale of securities that violated federal securities laws, including Sections 5, 12(a), and 15 of the Securities Act of 1933, and wrongly ushered investors to BitGrail
  2. The lead plaintiff, who is also suing Texas-based Nano the company, wants the developers to create a rescue fork to recover funds that were lost in a hack. The lawsuit seeks damages and equitable relief from the USD 170 million in Nano's XRB token that was stolen in February in a hack on BitGrail, th
  3. An obsure Italian cryptocurrency exchange called BitGrail claims that it was hacked late last week and lost roughly $195 million worth of customers' cryptocurrency. But others — including the developers who created the stolen cryptocurrency — have suggested not all may be as it appears. BitGrail,.
  4. Bitgrail claims that it will then purchase back the BGS tokens at a rate of $10.50 USD per token, with purchases set to take place at the end of each month. The summary states that Bitgrail will use half of its monthly profits to conduct the purchases
  5. The Court of Florence has declared the bankruptcy of Bitgrail and Francesco Firano putting an end to the Italian exchange, a s a consequence of the hack suffered in 2018.. On February 9, 2018, in fact, the platform announced the disappearance of 17 million Nano (formerly called Raiblocks) because of a hack, declaring that it had filed a complaint to the Postal Police and blocking all.

Early on in the complaint, the plaintiffs, led by James Fabian, says: Throughout the Class Period as defined below, Defendants directed the investing public to purchase XRB through BitGrail by providing specific investment instructions and assurances that the cryptocurrency exchange was secure and could be trusted to safeguard investment assets Hence, one can see a rationale for Bitgrail wanting to institute these rules. In a post on Reddit, the owner of the exchange mentioned the rules that are currently in force in the USA and how they can claim civil / criminal penalties for overseas exchange operators. He said. BitGrail cannot work without mandatory KYC anymore

BitGrail suspended trading for XRB on the same day, as well. XRB Markets currently unavailable. — BitGrail Exchange (@BitGrail) February 8, 2018. In both the private chat and public statement, Firano/Bitgrail claims that the funds were stolen in a hack. At press time, this has not been confirmed, and what's more, the community is not convinced On February 2018, the CEO of Bitgrail claimed that the website was hacked an hour after a back-end update that accidentally created a vulnerability. This supposed update accidentally made it so the process of verifying ownership of XRB was only checked on the client side and not server side BitGrail Hack. Date: Feb 2018. Crypto amount stolen: 17 million Nano (XRB) This also meant that all investors in the DAO would be able to claim their Ether back out of the smart contract. Further, this meant that the DAO was also annulled and voided BitGrail posted, in a notice on its website, Even though we don't agree with this decision, we are obliged to respect the law and to suspend [all] BitGrail business immediately. BitGrail claims it was the victim of a large-scale hack in February this year , losing some USD 170 million in Nano cryptocurrency due to what its outspoken CEO Francesco The Bomber Firano called. Bitgrail is not going to take responsibility for hacking the security system. The company claims that the blames lie with the Nano software. The press release also stressed that at the moment the incident is under investigation investigation to prove Bitgrail's innocence, as well as the fact that the company was the victim of the attack BitGrail announced last December that it's implementing a stricter KYC regulations to keep pace with the regulations. Later on, Firano stated that these restrictions have now become mandatory. But most critics claim that this move, alongside other improvements were too little too late, as the exchange allegedly failed to meet security requirements

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